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Map Info

Worldedit is an easier terraforming tool.

Only usable for one player


If the WorldEdit extension doesn't work even with all the steps. Use the /reload command and reboot your game.

How to use

  1. Put your world in experimental mode

  2. Put the Behavior Pack and Texture Pack in your world

  3. Place a repeating command block (/give @s command_block) then note the following command: ''/function brush_activate''.

  4. Enter the command: ''/function br_start'' in the chat room

Let's go terraforming

  1. To select a category, drop the item.

  2. Choose a brush and the size of the brush.

  3. Use the blue item, to start terraforming.

  4. After terraforming, you have the opportunity to paint your terrain.

In this addon, there are several features to modify some things:

Clear Tree - Used to remove trees.

Solid Mode - Transforms all blue blocks into blue concrete powder.

Target - Change the target point.

remove Paint - Transforms all normal blocks into blue blocks.

Target Point Length - Changes the length of the target position.

Keep - Used to build while keeping the blocks

Scoreboard - removes or activates the scoreboard

How to use the line-targets

LineBrush - This is very useful for making a line using your brush. Place the ''linebrushes'' in the order of your choice to be able to make a line.

LinePaint - Place the ''linepaint'' in the order of your choice to make a line of paint (colouring the blocks blue or green)

LineRoad - Choose your route and place the ''lineroad'' in the order of your choice to make a route line

LineMiddle - Place a ''linemiddle'' and then you can use a ''linebrush'' or a ''linepaint'' which will move to the ''linemiddle''.

How to place a tree

  1. Drop the ''technical'' item.

  2. Drop the ''Trees'' item.

  3. Choose the type of tree you wish to have, then drop this item.

  4. Drop an item. (Trees are not /brandom, it's up to you to change tree if necessary)

How to use the pro mode

The pro mode is an improved method of the other brushes. When you choose your brush in pro mode. You have to disable and enable it manually. The brush will be placed according to your vision and about 15 blocks away.

Some utilities

/function circle_[radius] - Allows to make a circle

/function set_water_[number] - Allows to place water (1 : 10 blocks)

/function set_glass_[color]_[number] - Allows to place glass blocks (1 : 10 blocks)

function set_neutral_[number] - Transforms blue blocks into green blocks (1 : 10 blocks)


/function settp_[number] - Places a teleport point

/function tp_[number] - Teleport to the teleport point

/function tp_remove - resets the teleport point (Make it close to the teleport point)

/function tp_reset_all - resets all teleport points

/function tp_list - View all used teleport points

Kill Target:

/function kill_target - removes all WorldEdit targets.

Turning off WorldEdit mode:

/function br_reset - Deactivates world edit mode


/function news

/function links

/function structures


You can import structures with a structure block:

darkoak_1 | mooshroom | oak_1 | oak_2 | pine_1 | pine_2 | pine_3 | pine_4 | pine_5 | desert_house_1 | desert_house_2 | desert_house_3


  • When you finish using the WorldEdit addon, disable it so as not to cause world lag.

  • If something doesn't work, please contact us on Discord.

Video link: https://youtu.be/bOXKTVR7SFk

What's new

• Adding custom brushes

• Correction of the custom block format for 1.16.0

Programmed by: Benjamin874
Testers: FabLUltime, SnowGolem2007, EmperorNoob, Commandguy100, /brAYANMICHAEL, /brobot Camer068

Many thanks to TheblueMan003 for programming on Python!

Many thanks to TheblueMan003, for creating the program.
How to Play
Only For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16+